We offer specialized MVNO for
visitors to Japan,
so that one can enjoy travel smartly

Services for smartly enjoying one's stay in Japan

Business Regarding the support for visitors to Japan (Prior to arriving Japan)

We provide one-stop service for visitors to Japan (especially for independent travelers), so that they can purchase travel tickets (e.g., JR Pass), activity tickets (e.g., USG) online, and have them sent directly to their home country before traveling

SIM Cards for visitors coming to Japan

Our Shanghai office now also provides SIM card services for the yearly increasing visitors to Japan

Guesthouse Wi-Fi

We have the "Number One Share" in pocket Wi-Fi rentals intended for Guesthouse business operators, and we currently have over 4000 users. As we offer multi-lingual support, and no termination penalties, guests can freely use the pocket Wi-Fi outside the guesthouse. Hence we have high customer satisfaction rate, and also highly endorsed by owners of Guesthouses, or relevant management companies.

Communication service business for foreigners living in Japan

For the expected increasing population of foreigners in Japan (for work or for study), we started offering voice and data SIM cards since October 2017. We offer multi-lingual support, and support for those who do not hold a credit card or local bank account. From Jun 2017, we added optical fiber network to our line-up, so that we now provide data SIM cards, voice and data SIM cards, pocket Wi-Fi rental and optical fiber network on a one-stop basis.

One stop service with multi-lingual support

One stop service for mobile internet service such as SIM card and Wi-Fi, but also for optical-fiber network

One stop service for mobile internet service such as SIM card and Wi-Fi, but also for optical-fiber network

Voice and data SIM cards for foreign workers and students with multi-lingual support. You can complete your payment at the convenience store even if you don't have a credit card or bank account. Moreover, there is no binding contract. Highly-rated for the simple procedure for application with just your passport.

Industry Specific MVNO

We provide communication infrastructure to companies that provide solution to various industries. For instance we can tailor-make specific number of SIM cards which uses specific bandwidths at low cost, specifically for cameras or medical care devices, or other industry specific devices.

Necessary Bandwidth needed

Our routers are specialized for hosts of guest houses or relevant management companies. The palm-sized router can allow guests to connect to the internet wherever they go. The router provides the guest house with a Wi-Fi covered environment, so it is definitely an indispensible item for guest house operation.

Inbound Advertisement Business

We can deliver Data SIM card to visitors one week prior to their intended travel date, so we can include coupons and flyers, or advertise to our SIM card users by means such as automatic transition, etc.

Promotion for Visitors to Japan

We sell "Baidu SIM" to customers within China, and "Yokoso SIM" to all other areas

About reseller partner system

"We are looking for collaboration and sales partners of each division. As our sales policy, we hope to build a strong network with partners in all fields and areas, and expand our customer base. We are committed to operating with our partners, and would very much appreciate your support."

If you have any questions or would like to discuss collaboration, please fill in our enquiry form, and our staff will be in touch with you.





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