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OFFICERExecutive Officers

CEO・DirectorKenji Sawada

"With over 20 million visitors to Japan, and over 2 million foreigners living in Japan, the overseas population is becoming more important in both economic and recruitment aspects. Yet I feel that the recent communication service in Japan is unfavorable to those who does not speak or read Japanese. JP Mobile has been selling 200 thousand Inbound Data SIM cards per year, and has extensive experience in customer support for overseas customers. We have built multi-lingual customer support, and developed products targeting overseas students and workers in Japan. Also, we provide JR passes, transport tickets, activity tickets and insurance, so to make the overseas population’s stay easier in Japan. We aim to be the Number One in providing communication service to the overseas population in Japan, and we understand that connecting with friends and families at home is indispensable in all of our lives, so we will ensure best quality service to make your stay in Japan enjoyable."

  • Born in 1973, Kobe, Japan
    Mr. Sawada graduated from Rakuyo Technical High School in 1993 and started up his own mobile communication service business at the age of 21. In 2004 he set up ImageWorks Corporation and became CEO. In 2013 the company became the main representative of the Business Card Cloud Management Platform “Sansan”. In 2014 it became the main representative of “Baidu SIM”, the Prepaid SIM cards for Chinese visitors to Japan. Mr. Sawada set up and took the post as CEO of JP Mobile in October 2015.


    Company NameJP MOBILE CO., LTD.
    Description of Buisness ・Customer Support for foreigners visiting Japan (Before Travel)
    ・Provide communication service for foreigners living in Japan
    ・Industry-specific MVNO
    ・Inbound advertising business
    Date of Establishment2015/10/7
    CEO・DirectorKenji Sawada
    Company Address 213, Bldg#6, Kyoto Reasearch Park, 93 chudoji Awatacho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8815 Japan
    TEL : 075-315-5906
    Tokyo Division4F Kitasando Sun East Terrace, 3-39-1 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo-to, 151-0051
    TEL : 03-6550-8995
    No. of Staff30 (includes the whole group, updated in Mar 2018)
    Capital・Capital ReserveCapital: JPY110,254,500, Capital Reserve: JPY100,254,500, Total: JPY210,509,000

    Major Group Companies

    • Hong Kong Corporation:JP MOBILE COMM LIMITED.
    • CEO:Kenji Sawada

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